There are currently 18 members on the school staff.


Mr. Niall Bergin – Principal
Ms. Fiona Brennan – 2nd
Mrs. Nicola Ryan – 2nd/3rd
Mrs. Emer Larkin – 3rd
Mr. Maurice Reidy – 3rd/4th
Ms. Simone Minogue – 4th/5th
Mrs. Monica Moloney /
Ms. Yvonne O’Flaherty
– 5th
Mr. Thomas Cunniffe – 6th
Mr. James Roberts – 6th
Ms. Maura Curran – Special Education Team
Ms. Caroline Boyle – Special Education Team
Mrs. Anita Bolger – Special Education Team
Mr. Conor Leahy – Special Education Team
Mrs. Elaine Malone – SNA
Mr. Thomas Sinnott – Secretary
Mr. Richard Doheny – Caretaker
Mr. Michael Luby – Housekeeping

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